3rd July 2018

A Bright Future for Crane Currency

Currency News caught up with Annemarie Watson, President at Crane Currency, to find out more about life after the Crane Co acquisition and what to see next. Crane Currency has had an impressive growth the past years and the new ownership has put the company in a strong position.

In the interview, Annemarie describes the exciting times of having an owner with a long term view on the business. She also highlights another stand-alone division: Crane Payment Innovations (CPI).

“Their understanding of what the currency does in the marketplace and how it is performing provides a new level of visibility and detail.”

Asked about any other developments or new features in the pipeline, Annemarie Watson answers:

“Several, as you can imagine, including one that will be launched by the end of the year. We haven’t shared it yet, but we will. So watch this space.”

Read the full interview in Currency News here.