19th October 2018

Crane Currency has Strong Presence at the Mint & Print Conference


The Central Bank of Lebanon started the Mint & Print Conference (MAP) in 2010 as a small regional event aimed at strengthening the Bank’s own knowledge of currency management. Today, MAP is a regional super conference that during the end of September hosted over 55 central banks in Beirut – and banknote manufacturers such as Crane Currency.

One of the presenters at MAP 2018 was Bahaa Al Sayegh, Regional Sales Director at Crane. His message to the audience was that not all papers are equal. The initial strength properties are not good predictors of durability – the key is instead the resistance to wear and tear. By switching to more durable-type paper, the banknotes’ circulation life is increased even more compared to other technologies.

Tod Niedeck, Corporate Marketing Director at Crane Currency, talked about the increased use of 3D security features on banknotes. According to a recent authentication study by Secure Perception Research Ltd., movement is key since not everyone can perceive colors or have strong stereopsis (the ability to perceive depth and distance). Most of the respondents pivot or tilted the banknote during the test – and a very large number also reacted to the depth feature by touching it.

The 3D security features are available in MOTION SURFACE® which was awarded the 2018 Best New Currency Innovation by the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA).