21st March 2019

Crane Currency Presents MOTION® Detect and RAPID® Detect – New Machine-Readable Features for Banknote Security

Hal Far, Malta – March 21, 2019 – Crane Currency today presents new machine-readable features for central banks and banknote issuers worldwide. The new products MOTION Detect and RAPID Detect are an extension of Crane Currency’s award winning micro-optic technology. They are a natural complement to human authentication of banknotes and build on a modern, IR-based approach for machine verification.

“These features create a highly secure combination of an IR light or transparent material from the micro-optics and an IR dark feature. It is this unexpected combination – invisible to the eye but visible in IR – that underpins the novelty of MOTION Detect and RAPID Detect”, says Eric Ziegler, Vice President Technology of Crane Currency.

The new security features have been developed jointly with Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a world leader in automated cash acceptance.

MOTION Detect and RAPID Detect use a modern, IR-based approach for machine verification that looks for data outside of the range of human vision. This is the experts’ proposed route for future development – moving away from magnetic detectors and increasingly using visible and near infra-red sensors.

Increased Lifespan and Lowered Cost

The transparent structure of micro-optics combined with machine-readable materials create a wholly new category of public-machine security feature. MOTION Detect and RAPID Detect use secure materials available only to the currency industry. These materials are invisible and do not alter the appearance of the micro-optic thread or its customized visual effects.

The machine-detectable materials are integral to MOTION Detect and RAPID Detect and cannot be removed.  The result is a very high tolerance to soiling which increases the lifespan and lowers the overall cost for the issuer.

Universal Machine Compatibility

Banknote equipment manufacturers (BEMs) face a daily challenge to accept 100 percent of genuine banknotes and to reject all counterfeits.

The machine-detectable materials of MOTION Detect and RAPID Detect are compatible with numerous types of BEMs and detectable by a large, installed base of cash processing equipment.

IR feature detection is the dominant sensing method for most BEMs. Magnetic material is quickly falling out of use, especially in ATMs, cash acceptance terminals and automated POS systems, and IR-based secure material help guarantee future compatibility.