25th May 2022

Tunisia Completes Upgrade of Dinar Banknote Series


The Central Bank of Tunisia has completed an upgrade of its Tunisian Dinar banknotes, using best practices in technology selection and modern design. The final banknote to be upgraded and issued this month is Tunisia’s highest, the 50 Dinar (TND) coming approximately ten years since its previous redesign. The Central Bank selected RAPID® HD as a key public security feature across all denominations of the new series, following its first use of RAPID® in 2017.

The upgraded series of Dinar banknotes consists of four denominations:


    • The 5 TND issued in 2022 and features Slaheddine el-Amami (1936-1986), a Tunisian agricultural engineer, noted for his contributions to the field of hydraulics and agricultural research including addressing problems common to agricultural cultivation in arid and semi-arid areas.


    • The 10 TND issued in 2020 during the early days of the global Covid 10 pandemic and features Dr. Tawhida Ben Cheikh (1909-2010), Tunisia’s first female medical doctor. Dr. Ben Cheikh practiced as a physician, pediatrician as well as a gynecologist and was the founder of Tunisia’s first family planning clinic. The 10 TND banknote captured international attention as it is believed to be the first banknote in the world to feature a female doctor.


    • The 20 TND was the first to be upgraded in 2017 and features Farhat Hached (1914-1952). Farhat Hached, a trade unionist and pro-independence national was also one of the key leaders of the pro-independence Tunisian national movement. Hached survived an organized ambush only to be assassinated at close range. His killing provoked protests throughout the Middle East.


    • The 50 TND issued in 2022 and features Hedi Nouira (1911-1993), one of the great figures of the Tunisian national movement for independence. He was the founder and first governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia at its creation in 1958 and until 1970, when he became Prime Minister until 1980.


RAPID HD from Crane Currency is a micro-optic security thread with rich colors that highlight sharp and fast movement effects. The effects are always visible with only a glance and in any lighting condition.