22nd March 2023

Uzbekistan Issues New 200,000 So’m Banknote with RAPID® Detect


On July 15 the Central Bank of Uzbekistan issued into circulation a new 200 000 so’m banknote as the country’s highest denomination.  The new note is secured with a 4 mm RAPID Detect thread, a machine-readable security thread with a dynamic visual effect and the country’s symbol code, “UZB”.


The 200 000 so’m design is dedicated to the history of the Fergana Valley and the Great Silk Road.  The motif depicts the Xudoyorxon oʻrdasi, also known as the Pearl of Kokand, a historical museum that’s located in Kokand City and was built in the late 19th century. The note’s watermark is in the image of a camel, an animal that held significant importance to the travelers of the Great Silk Road because of their ability to thrive in the harsh desert and mountainous regions which the Silk Road traversed.


Issuance of the 200,000 so’m completes a new family of banknotes that began issuing in 2021 with the 20 000 s’om featuring a 3 mm wide BREEZE™ micro-optic security thread. The 200,000 so’m is an International Bank Note Society 2022 nominee for Banknote of the Year.