Fully Integrated Partner

The banknote manufacturing industry has gone through dramatic changes over the past ten years. What used to be a business based on craftsmanship, ink and paper has transformed into a complex, multi-dimensional and technology-laden production process that places high demands on manufacturers. As a fully integrated supplier, Crane Currency can help customers through all the steps of this process.

Everyone who has followed Crane Currency knows the extensive work carried out in recent years to transform and develop the company. Crane Currency has a long history and firm roots, and is today a modern, technology-based banknote manufacturer with clients all over the world. Crane Currency is also a full-scale partner who assists customers with everything from papermaking and security design to different levels of advanced banknote printing. An open and transparent approach to our customers has become a hallmark of Crane Currency.

From concept to print

By offering customers a full range – from concept and design to print – Crane Currency is unique in this market. With our knowledge and control over the whole process, we can advise and create the best solutions to meet the central banks’ needs.

Sometimes it is not necessary for Crane Currency to be involved in all the steps from concept to print – and when our expertise is needed for specific processes we are available to step in as advisors or consultants. That can mean, for example, applying our know-how in connection with a central bank’s preparation for a tender or as technical support.

Knowledge sharing

Each customer has its unique needs and there are no standard templates. In order to find the right solution, there is a need for establishing long-term and close cooperation.

We want to share our knowledge. The on-site workshops we hold in order to show how we work are very much appreciated by both our customers and Crane Currency. The more engaged our customers are in the process, the better the outcomes.