Banknote Printing and Currency Design Case Studies – Be Inspired

Crane Currency is today a trusted partner to over 50 central banks all over the world. The challenges when issuing new banknotes and complete series are often similar but no project is identical. The technical and artistic design of a banknote goes all the way from the initial sketches with cultural references to the production and local introduction.

Please read the stories told by a selection of our clients – and be inspired by their specific challenges, how we worked together and what we achieved.

Bank of Guyana

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Guyana today gets billions in revenues from a booming offshore oil and gas industry. The new source of income is welcomed but the past y... READ MORE

Danmarks Nationalbank

When Daniel Krarup Rosenstrøm woke up at home in Copenhagen on Tuesday November 17, 2020, he knew that it was a special day. For Danmarks Nationalbank, the Central Bank of Denmark, where Da... READ MORE

The Stars of Aruba

Introducing a completely new series of banknotes was not an easy decision for the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA). The previous notes were very liked by the public on the small, beautiful isla... READ MORE

2018 Olympic Banknote, South Korea

Every four years, the world pays tribute to the athletes and teams whose long hours of training and commitment to excellence delivers them to the Olympic Games. For the host nation, the Olym... READ MORE

Bank of Ghana

Going from a monopoly situation to an open multi-­supplier model requires well-structured processes. But that is not enough. When the Bank of Ghana opened up for more banknote suppliers in ... READ MORE

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